StrikeForce Security - Residential and Commercial Security

StrikeForce Security has gathered employees with over 30 years of combined experience, in order to protect families and businesses in the Indiana County area. Providing common sense security solutions tailored to their needs, StrikeForce Security offers personalized service that routinely goes above and beyond. StrikeForce Security utilizes the latest technology and top brands to deliver quality security systems and products. Our certified technicians, customer support staff and management team work together to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our residential and commercial security customers. StrikeForce Security has the resources and know-how to partner with you to secure all aspects of your life and keep you feeling safe. 

Video Surveillance

In the event of a disaster at your home or business the first thing law enforcement may ask is, “Do you have a video surveillance system?”. Supplementing the safety of your home and business is crucial to keeping your property safe. The key is to deter would be criminals while providing an extra layer of security for your own peace of mind. Our video surveillance systems provide crystal clear HD video. Keep it as discreet, or as noticeable as you like with our custom surveillance packages. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Access Control

Access control systems are perfect for anyone who needs to provide a safe environment for employees, visitors, or contractors. With StrikeForce Security, we give the ability to identify who is accessing your facility at all times, while customizing access to fit each individuals level of access. Gain complete control over highly secure areas with solutions designed to protect your facilities. Multiple forms of authorization including smart cards, fobs, tags, and mobile devices give flexibility to our clients to suit their needs. 

24 Hour Monitoring

StrikeForce Security 24 Hour Monitoring provides our clients peace of mind while away from their home or business. Check in on your property from your phone, tablet, or computer, with live video from our HD camera systems from anywhere with an internet connection. Sync up your camera with motion detection features and receive notifications straight to your phone, and review captured events if something goes wrong while you are away. We can ensure you are always aware of what is going on with your home or business. 

Gate Automation

StrikeForce Security offers automatic gate opener systems and kits for all types of uses, from light residential, to heavy duty commercial applications. Contact us to personalize your gate automation system, and ensure a seamless installation and integration with any other access control systems. StrikeForce Security offers direct training and repair services to ensure your system is always functioning at its highest level. 

Fire Alarm System

Keep your home and business safe from all forms of damage including fire. At StrikeForce Security we consider the safety of our clients to be number one. Fires can destroy everything in a matter of minutes. Stay on guard with the latest fire alarm systems on the market that provide protection against disaster. From in home installation, to commercial applications, StrikeForce Security is committed to bringing you peace of mind.